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How TimeGainer Works

Transform Your Coaching with TimeGainer: A Step-by-Step Guide

Get Started with Ease

Once you sign up for TimeGainer, you’re ready to revolutionize your coaching approach.

Access your unique TimeGainer dashboard where you can personalize your assessment tool with your branding.

It’s simple: upload your logo, add your calendar for easy scheduling, and customize to align with your coaching style.

Share and Engage

Your unique TimeGainer link is your gateway to engaging prospects, leads, and clients.

Share it on your website, across your social media platforms, or directly with your clients.

For team assessments, generate a special ‘team’ link through your portal. This link not only associates team members together but also enables comprehensive team reports.

Empower and Grow

TimeGainer is more than an assessment tool – it’s a growth platform for your coaching business.

Engage clients with actionable insights, foster team development, and attract new prospects by showcasing your commitment to innovative, data-driven coaching solutions.

The Assessment Journey

Your clients’ journey to better time management begins here:



Landing Page

Prospects are greeted by a welcoming landing page, tailored to your coaching brand.

For teams, use the tracking link to keep everyone connected.


Interactive Assessment

Participants dive into thought-provoking questions about time management, concluding with a request for their name and email address.


Instant Results

Immediately after completing the quiz, participants see their results.

They’ll discover their overall scores, understand what these scores mean for their time management, and identify key areas for improvement.

For prospects, a call-to-action (CTA) invites them to schedule a session with you.


Detailed PDF Report

Each participant receives a comprehensive PDF report.

This report delves deeper into the four critical areas for time gaining, includes a SWOT analysis, and offers detailed insights to foster meaningful discussions in your coaching sessions.

Want to try it yourself with your prospects/clients?

Take advantage of our 7 day FREE trial: