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Here you can find Quick Answers to some of the Most Frequently Asked Questions quickly and more

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Where do I use this tool?

Discover the power of TimeGainer with AI personalised summaries, your go-to app for attracting new leads and elevating productivity among individuals and teams.

Crafted and proven to work by coaches, for coaches, and enhanced with AI.

Our assessment tool is versatile and applicable across various scenarios. Whether you’re a business aiming to streamline hiring processes, an educator enhancing learning experiences, or an individual seeking personal development insights, our tool adapts to your needs. Utilise it in professional settings or for personal growth to unlock valuable insights and make informed decisions.

What do I see after someone completes it?

After someone completes the assessment, you gain valuable insights into their profile, strengths, and areas for development.

Use these findings to tailor personalised feedback, guide decision-making, or initiate targeted actions based on the assessment results.

Whether it’s adjusting coaching strategies, refining learning approaches, or making informed business decisions, the post-assessment phase is your opportunity to leverage actionable data for meaningful outcomes.

How do I use it with prospects?

Effectively engage prospects by integrating the assessment tool into your outreach strategy. Use the insights gained to tailor your approach, understand their needs, and deliver personalised content.

Whether identifying potential clients’ preferences, assessing compatibility, or customising communication, our tool empowers you to build stronger connections and drive meaningful conversations with prospects.

How do I use it with current clients?

Leverage the assessment tool to deepen your understanding of current clients and enhance your ongoing relationship. Use the insights obtained to tailor your services, identify areas for improvement, and foster a more personalised and effective collaboration.

Whether it’s refining coaching strategies, providing targeted support, or uncovering new opportunities, the tool serves as a valuable resource for optimising the client experience and ensuring long-term success.

Why use it with a team?

Using the assessment tool with a team fosters a collaborative and data-driven approach to achieving collective goals.

Gain insights into team dynamics, individual strengths, and areas for improvement. Enhance communication, align team members based on their unique skills, and boost overall performance.

By leveraging the assessment tool, you empower your team to work cohesively, capitalise on diverse strengths, and achieve greater success together.