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Expand Your Reach & Deepen Your Coaching Impact with TimeGainer.

The ultimate tool designed by coaches, for coaches, to effortlessly attract ideal clients and significantly extend your influence within organizations.

Welcome to TimeGainer:

Welcome to TimeGainer, an AI-powered tool for coaches and trainers dedicated to enhancing time management and productivity.

TimeGainer helps you to solve two of the most common issues coaches like you are constantly trying to overcome. These are:

1. Boost Your Lead Generation: TimeGainer enables you to effortlessly attract new leads by embedding assessments on your website, sharing them on LinkedIn, and incorporating them into your speaking engagements and masterclasses, transforming every interaction into a potential opportunity to expand your client base.

2. Deepen Your Impact in Organizations: With TimeGainer, you have the power to extend your reach within large organizations. By empowering your existing contacts or clients to share the assessment with their employees, you not only provide instant value but also gain deeper access and influence across the company, moving beyond just the top leadership.

How TimeGainer Works:

TimeGainer streamlines the journey to enhanced productivity with a simple, three-step process.

First, share your custom-branded, TimeGainer assessment link with clients or leads, easily accessible on various platforms.

They engage with the intuitive assessment, receiving instant, personalized feedback.

You gain valuable insights and data, fostering deeper client relationships and effective time management strategies.

Versatile, Feature-Rich, and AI-Enhanced: TimeGainer Redefines Coaching Tools

With its versatile functionality, catering to diverse coaching needs with a suite of innovative features.

Its integration of AI technology provides smart, personalized assessments, ensuring each client receives insights tailored to their unique time management challenges.

From seamless CRM integration to interactive reports and automated lead generation, TimeGainer is not just a tool, but a game-changer in the world of productivity and time management coaching.

Experience A Demo of TimeGainer in Action in Under 3 Minutes

Experience TimeGainer firsthand by trying our interactive demo; see exactly how our assessment works from your client’s perspective.

Discover the seamless, engaging journey your clients will embark on, gaining valuable insights into their time management skills and productivity.

Want to try it yourself with your prospects/clients?

Take advantage of our 7 day FREE trial: