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Discover the Power of TimeGainer for coaches

Turnkey Solution Pre-made for You

Effortless Implementation: Jumpstart your coaching with our pre-made TimeGainer solution. No complicated setups or steep learning curves. It’s ready to use from the moment you sign up.

Tailored to Your Needs: Designed with flexibility in mind, TimeGainer adapts to your unique coaching style and methodology.

Personalised Feedback for Users

Deep Insights: Offer your clients personalized feedback based on their responses. TimeGainer provides nuanced insights that make each session more impactful.

Actionable Recommendations: Equip your clients with specific, data-driven advice for immediate improvements in time management.

Multi-Purpose Application

Versatile Tool: Whether for lead generation, engaging current clients, or corporate consultations, TimeGainer fits seamlessly into various coaching scenarios.

Expand Your Reach: Use TimeGainer as a bridge to new opportunities and client engagements.

Team-based Reporting – Use Within Organizations

Enhance Team Performance: Ideal for organizational use, TimeGainer offers team-based reporting. Understand team dynamics and guide groups towards better time management.

Collaborative Insights: Foster a culture of productivity and efficiency within teams, enhancing overall organizational effectiveness.

Comprehensive Assessment Portal

Centralized Control: Access all client reports, make edits, and manage assessments through a user-friendly portal.

Real-Time Monitoring: Track progress, compare assessments, and stay updated on your clients’ time management journeys.

Seamless Integration with your CRM

    Universal Compatibility: Connect TimeGainer with any CRM system. Our tool integrates smoothly with popular CRMs for enhanced data management and workflow automation.

    Streamlined Processes: Sync client data effortlessly, automate follow-ups, and manage your coaching business with unmatched efficiency.

    Want to try it yourself with your prospects/clients?

    Take advantage of our 7 day FREE trial: